Bath Rugby Foundation

Bath Rugby Foundation is the charitable arm of Bath Rugby Club set up to empower young people to succeed. We focus on the needs of our community, using rugby to improve Health, Education, Employability and Inclusion in the South West.

The Need

Bath is a city famed for its Roman baths, impressive Georgian architecture, Jane Austen - and of course its rugby club. But behind the Georgian façade lies a different story. 20% of children in Bath are living in poverty.

Why support us

Our coaches are not just sports coaches. They work with young people day in day out to produce life changing outcomes
The Foundation was born out of the Club’s desire to give back to the Community. The Club and the Foundation are united in their ambition to make B&NES a healthy, happy, successful city.
From walks to runs to cycles, a brilliant 720 people travelled 32,970 miles in aid of the Foundation last year. We are committed to putting on the best events and experiences.
The Foundation works with a host of local businesses - giving them the opportunities to boost their CSR activities through volunteering, fundraising or sponsorship
We couldn't run without our wonderful volunteers. Whether collecting money for us on matchday, working in our office, or assisting at events. We have a host of opportunities where you can help.

We are financially independent. Your support can help our coaches to

Make the difference

Our projects

What people say

Jordan Wickens
Before I started on HITZ my confidence was terrible. I didnt know what to do after school and I needed help with my English and Maths. Now I have come full circle and I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship with the Foundation. They have changed my life.
Russell Howard
Bath Rugby Foundation is an amazing charity that uses the power of sport to instill confidence in young kids and change their lives
Laura Robinson
Everyone who knows of the foundation speaks of the incredible work that they do in the local community, changing the lives of vulnerable people through sport. I like to try to get involved in most of the events and fundraising that the Foundation does as I really value the work the charity does.
Sally Marden
The Foundation coaches put in a HUGE amount of effort put smiles on the kids faces! Mattie has definitely progressed since starting with the Foundation. I have no doubt they will keep up the amazing work with my little man!